The activities of the ALDE IMs for the ALDE Congress in Madrid

The ALDE Individual Members elected their delegates for the ALDE Congress in Madrid. The delegates are Silvia Fernandez, Laura Hidalgo, Nadia Bennis and Wolf Achim Wiegand.

2018-08-01 ALDE IM at Madrid Congress

The ALDE Congress in Madrid 2018 is dedicated to the Manifesto for the EP elections 2019. Furthermore, there are several activities of the ALDE Individual Members, fringe meetings and two draft resolutions of the IMs, one on clear and enforced rules for the membership of the EU and one one transnational elections. You can download the basic information and both draft resolutions.

2018-08-01 ALDE IM at Madrid Congress proposal-1-clear-enforced-eu-membership-rules proposal-6-transnational-lists

We call upon the ALDE party and all its member parties to work for creating a set of simple, clear and non-negotiable rules to be observed by a member state at any time, to be enforced promptly and unambiguously.

2018-08-01 ALDE IM at Madrid Congress Proposal-6-transnational-lists

The ALDE Individual embers call on the ALDE Party to continue its work with its own members of the European Parliament, the European Commission and liberals represented in the Council of the European Union, to propose to the European Parliament and the European Council to “unbundle” the original European Parliament proposal.