5 Szenarien zum Brexit (August 2018)

Jill Rutter & Joe Owen vom Institute for Government haben 5  Szenarien für den Brexit und seine Folgen entwickelt. Die folgende Infografik stellt das Ergebnis wie folgt dar:

Possible scenarios for the next phase of Brexit - infographic

Der vollständige Bericht kann hier heruntergeladen werden: 2018-08-17 Ausstiegsszenarien Brexit (Instiute for Government)

Das Ergebnis:

„The unsatisfactory conclusion is that it is extremely hard to predict how the period
between October 2018 and March 2019 will play out. The interaction of continuing
negotiations with the EU27, the remaining real difficulties over the Irish backstop, the
lack of progress on the future framework, the internal divisions in the Conservative
Party, the Prime Minister’s fragile position and the number of parliamentary hurdles
any agreement has to pass to take effect, mean that charting a clear path through to an
orderly Brexit with a transition period is hard.“