ALDE Individual Members zum Britischen Referendum: It’s time to act

Das Steering Committee der ALDE Individual Members hat unmittelbar nach dem Bekanntwerden des Ausgangs des britischen Referendums eine Erklärung verfasst. Das vollständige Dokument finden Sie hier. Die wesentlichen Punkte sind:

We shouldn’t spend too long though wallowing over the result. We should continue to work with the other progressive forces in Europe to look at how collectively we can further improve opportunities for all citizens to exchange ideas, to travel, to work and to trade. (…)

These are the two basic flaws of the European Union in its present form:

  1. The EU deals with too many small tasks, which could be much better solved locally, regionally or at the national level.
  2. The EU fails to solve the big problems, because it has no power. All real decisions are made by 28 national leaders. If just one of them disagrees, the national leaders often decide to “postpone” problems into the future. (…)

The European Union needs to focus on those areas where it can provide the biggest benefit for European citizens: Foreign policy, Defence, Fiscal policy, The Euro, and the “four freedoms”: The free movement of people, goods, services and capital.

The European Union needs a real European government if it wants to fulfill its role and solve problems. This European government needs the power to act on behalf of all European citizens. The European Parliament itself must become a full-blown parliament. This way we create a real “Federal Republic of Europe”.

The time to act has come. The Steering Committee of ALDE Party individual members calls upon all European citizens: Let us show the national governments that we won’t accept their strategy to “postpone” problems anymore.

Help us push the national governments to reboot our institutions – so that they can solve the problems of a connected world. Let’s build a Europe of the Citizens!

And help us gather the forces for a Europe of Citizens. Invite your friends to join ALDE Party individual members tonight!